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*Taps the mic* Is this thing on?

by tccoregon - January 18, 2018

Oh! It is…Yay! Thank you for joining us for story time on The Cleaning Company’s blog.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about cleaning and a little bit about how we got started. TCC was founded in 2017 by Kyle Hanley, an Army Veteran and Oregon native, after hearing from various coworkers, friends, and businesses that they were unsatisfied with their cleaning services. It was obvious there was a service level gap in the industry and The Cleaning Company is the bridge. Friends and family were rallied and provided invaluable support to start the business. The ride has been amazing so far and our hope is to one day be the only cleaning service that comes to mind for anyone in Oregon who wants outstanding cleaning services.

The Cleaning Company is founded on excellent customer service, attention to detail, and happier and healthier homes and businesses for all. Speaking of which let’s talk about cleaning products we use. Currently we have an assortment of all natural products that are safe for your family, safe for your home, and safe for your appliances. Here are our heavy hitters in our toolbag: