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How The Cleaning Company is helping to fight Global Warming

by tccoregon - March 20, 2019

Let’s face it, we’re a small company in a small city in a small state. But we believe we can still make a difference by purchasing and using green chemistry products. Green Chemistry products are bio-friendlier, easier on waterways, and degrade in the environment quickly and more naturally. We also purchase as many products as possible that are made from recycled materials. On both our residential and our commercial side of business we use products that are certified safer and green by the USDA and other governing bodies. We follow Oregon’s Executive Order No. 12-05 which states: CLICK TO VIEW THE EXECUTIVE ORDER

Our power bill supports Blue Sky and waterways restoration and we recycle as much material as we can. This planet is important to us, your homes and businesses are important to us, and our community in the Willamette Valley are important to us. The health and well being of you, your home, your pets, your business, and our employees are paramount for us.

When you choose The Cleaning Company, you are choosing a company that cares about you, the community, and the planet. Thank you for letting us serve you, we are honored you choose us.